YellowBrickRoad Quite A Charmer
YellowBrickRoad Quite A Charmer
Color: Wheaten
Sex: Female
Born: 10-20-03
Bred by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Owned by: Ruth Ann Carroll and Suzee Bidegain

Ch. YellowBrickRoad Quite A Charmer

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
AMCH Fettercairn Joachim
DKCH Robinson Crusoe Alberto Tomba DKCH KLBCH VV95 Cairndy Kiksedkage KBHV90 DKCH SFCH VV91 DCH VDHCH INTCH Cairndy Ymer DKCH INTCH KLBCH KBHV92 VV92 Cairndys Only Oliver  
Cairndy Skaeg Og Ballade
DKCH Cairndys Manestrale Cairndys Dynasty
Dancairn Evita 
Birselaw April Love GBCH Birselaw Boomerang GBCH Penticharm Guy Fawkes
GBCH Birselaw Country Girl
Birselaw Christabel GBCH Larchlea Take A Chance on Me
GBCH Birselaw Country Girl
DKCH KLBCH Fettercairn Sus I Takkelagen DKCH Penticharm Royal Gamble GBCH Penticharm Silver Rocket GBCH Penticharm Guy Fawkes
Penticharm Dark Secret
GBCH Penticharm Top Secret GBCH Penticharm Guy Fawkes
Penticharm Dark Secret
Fettercairn Scarlett Tofthus' Howdy DKCH Cairndys Cecil
DKCH Sarimont Shangri-la
DKCH Fettercairn Sif DKCH INTCH Fettercairn Tot
Fettercairn Katinka
Regina Pacis Doris DK CH Cairndy Luca Loreto Cairndy Arsunge Tofthus' Howdy DK CH Cairndy Cecil
DK CH Sarimont Shangri-la
DK CH Cairndy's Månestråle Cairndy Dynasty
Dancairn Evita
Cairndy Zloty DK CH INTCH KLBCH VV92 KBHV92 Cairndy's Only Oliver DK CH KBHV85 KBHV87 INTCH Fettercairn Tot
Saleden Toasted Spice
Cairndy Pandekage DK CH Cairndy Cecil
Cairndy Goldie

Giorsal Regina Pacis


ChI. Int Club 92-93 Eur. Jr. Winner 90 Jegulini's Carl Butler Ch. S. Qarnax Verner Vicks Ch. S. Int. Sarimont Simon Templar
Ch. S. Qarnax Veronica Amstel
Gimrocks Elin Gimrocks Lassie-Sain
Gimrock's Trixie-Sain
Giorsal Liftiba Ch I. Int. Swiss Ri. Club 91 Billy Hjohoo's Hjolly Good Gracious Ch. S. Hjohoo's Sam Hjoel
Ch S.SF. Hjohoo's Hjootsie-Bootsie
Giorsal Another Story for Avignan Ch I. Int. Club Ri. Giorsal Double Diamond
Ch I. Tjeps Gaia Rhea Silvia

"New Champion"

"YellowBrickRoad Quite A Charmer"

(Ch Fettercairn Joachim x Regina Pacis Doris)

"Owned by Ruth Ann Carroll and Suzee Bidegain"