YellowBrickRoads Justin Tyme
YellowBrickRoads Justin Tyme
Color: Red
Sex: Male
Born: 3/26/03
Bred by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Owned by: Iris Himert

Ch YellowBrickRoads Justin Tyme

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
AMCH Fettercairn Joachim
DKCH Robinson Crusoe Alberto Tomba DKCH KLBCH VV95 Cairndy Kiksedkage KBHV90 DKCH SFCH VV91 DCH VDHCH INTCH Cairndy Ymer DKCH INTCH KLBCH KBHV92 VV92 Cairndys Only Oliver
Cairndy Skaeg Og Ballade
DKCH Cairndys Manestrale Cairndys Dynasty
Dancairn Evita
Birselaw April Love GBCH Birselaw Boomerang GBCH Penticharm Guy Fawkes
GBCH Birselaw Country Girl
Birselaw Christabel GBCH Larchlea Take A Chance on Me
GBCH Birselaw Country Girl
DKCH KLBCH Fettercairn Sus I Takkelagen DKCH Penticharm Royal Gamble GBCH Penticharm Silver Rocket GBCH Penticharm Guy Fawkes
Penticharm Dark Secret
GBCH Penticharm Top Secret GBCH Penticharm Guy Fawkes
Penticharm Dark Secret
Fettercairn Scarlett Tofthus' Howdy DKCH Cairndys Cecil
DKCH Sarimont Shangri-la
DKCH Fettercairn Sif DKCH INTCH Fettercairn Tot
Fettercairn Katinka
Wolfman's Lolly Pop Kid Am Can Ch Lowa's Play It Again Sam Ch. Heilands Special Edition Milords Merrilegs Mc Also Ch Sunnylands Standing Room Only
Heiland's Lil Bagpiper
Ch. Heilands Lil Mischef Maker Ch. Heilands Royal Blend
Ch. Heilands Pride n' Joy
Am Can Ch Lowa's Holiday From Asgard Brigadoon's Unkw of Sugar Pine Ch. Rowdy's Rough Rider
Ch. Brigadoon's Sassy Sasha
Asgard Lizbeth O'Glynncuri Glynncuri's Wee Scamp
Glynncuri's Highland Fling
Wolfman's Savangelina Tinker Am. Can Ch Savangelina's Touch of Sable Ch Gordie of Urouharts'Castle Red Flash of Alamanwa
Cairnnorth's Mc Beth
Ch. Tamacious Tiz A Coppertone Kotwanga's Salty Sam Brodick
Ch. Isethebye's Wee Tamacious
Wolfman's Little Vixen Cairn Jocko Warpaints Little Wolfman
Braemar's Windermere
Deram Westminster Bells Ch. Deran No Can Do
Ch. Deran Westminister Abbey R

"New Champion"

" Ch YellowBrickRoads Justin Tyme"

AKA: Arli

(Ch. Fettercairn Joachim x Wolfman's Lolly Pop Kid)

"Owned and loved by Iris Himert"