YBR's Redcoat Spice Is Right
Ch. YBR's Redcoat Spice Is Right
Color: Red/Brindle
Sex: Male
Born: 3-16-04
Bred by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Owned by:
Pam Bobit

Ch YBR's Redcoat Spice Is Right

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
AMCH Cairngold Captain Jack GBCH Avenelhouse Breasclete GBCH Uniquecottage Bristle Bird GBCH Uniquecottage Brer Fox Uniquecottage Gold Brick
Uniquecottage Gold Harrier
Uniquecottage Tergoirmoo GBCH Uniquecottage Tree Creeper
Uniquecottage Gold Mimosa
Avenelhouse Morsgale Uniquecottage Captain Russ Uniquecottage Son Of Poldark
Uniquecottage Red Kiskadee
Avenelhouse Heather Mixture Uniquecottage Bush Chat
GBCH Avenelhouse Acrobat Bird
Cairngold Constellation Spirecairn Solar Systerm Heshe Buddies Dan Dooley INTCH W77 Heshe Sun Buddy
Heshe Daisy Dynamite
Cairngold Catch On GBCH Courtrai John Julius
Cairngold Canoodle
Cairngold Catriona Coalacre Milligan Of Cairngold GBCH Cairngold Kramer
Coalacre Jenny Wren
Cairngold Catriana Monary Salty Sam Of Spirecairn
Cairngold Columbia
Ch. Thestrup's More Talk Of The Town Ir Ch Cadagio Talk Of The Town Tweedisle Kings Knight Ch Beaudesert Royal Viking Ch Penticharm Silver Rocket
Uniquecottage Fire Fairy
Tweedisle Smitten Byebanks Ch Crowneast Special Vintage
Tweedsile Smitten By Tansy
CH Larchlea Take My Breath Away Ch Larchlea Take A Chance On Me Ch Larchlea Here's Harvey
Ch Larchlea Winner Takes All
Ch Larchlea Winner Takes All Ch Dechmont Christopher
Larchlea Blue Jay
Thestrup's Hotline Honey Ch Zalazar Jackpot Ch Cairndy Luca Lorito Cairndy Årsunge
Cairndy Zloty
Ch Cairndy Kringle Ch Cairndy Ymer
Ch Cairndy Månestråle
Hage Giffen Ch Cairndy Qiwi Ch Penticharm Royal Gamble
Cairndy Skæg og Ballade
Cairndy Zloty Ch Cairndy Only Oliver
Cairndy Pandekage

New Champion

"Ch YBR's Redcoat Spice Is Right"

AKA: Casey

(Ch Cairngold Captain Jack x Ch. Thestrup's More Talk Of The Town)


"Owned by Pam Bobit"